S.NO. Weight(in Gms) Total Length(in mm) Neck size
1. 9.55 59.75 28mm Alaska
2. 21.0 100.5 28mm Alaska
3. 21.8 107.80 28mm Alaska
4. 25.5 100.5 28mm PCO
5. 36.0 127.29 28mm PCO
6. 23.7 96.5 28mm PCO
7. 34 123.09 Alaska 28mm
Note :- CSD Denotes Carbonated Soft Drinks.

All preforms can be made in different colours like blue, green, amber etc apart from the standard clear preforms.

Our preforms are suited for various applications like mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, hotfill/warmfill juice based beverages, edible oil, detergents etc.

We use different resins for different applications and hence the versatility.


Husky injection moulding machines have multifarious advantages and you can very well benefit from these advantages using our preforms produced on these machines.

Uniform preform wall thickness

Uniform preform weight

Preforms already running on various blow moulding machines ranging from small two cavity manual machines to latest 24 cavity fully automatic Sipa/Sidel blow moulding machines.

High gloss and clarity

Preforms produced using high quality PET resin from M/s Reliance Industries Ltd. and M/s South Asian Petrochem Ltd which are USFDA and Coke/Pepsi approved.

We use only imported colours either from Colormatrix, UK or Holland Colors, Netherlands.

We, at D.D Agro Industries, believe in establishing a continuous dialogue on a long term and fruitful relationship with our customers. We provide intelligent solutions for PET packaging. Our products do not simply stand for their functional values but also for the relationships they help us to build with potential and existing customers. We understand relationships and value them.

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D.D Agro Industries Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of PET Preforms which are produced on World Class - Husky HyPET and H-PET Injection Molding machines & on brand new Husky Modls.

The preforms are made under stringent quality control conditions.